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Headlight Restoration

With poor weather comes poor visibility.

Snow tends to be best enjoyed from the indoors—not from the road. As streets become icy and nights become longer, one of the best precautions to take is maintaining your vehicle’s safety features.

Start with your headlights! Having safe headlights is critical to protecting your family, loved ones, and the passengers of oncoming vehicles. Be proactive this winter by taking measures to protect not only yourself but drivers around you. Cloudy headlights can reduce the emission of light by as much as 70%. Visibility is crucial year-round, let alone coupled with longer nights and icy roads at this time of year. 

Headlights can become cloudy for several reasons:

  • Oxidation: Acrylic headlights, when manufactured, are sealed with a protective coating. Over time, this coating oxidizes when exposed to UV light, resulting in a cloudy and yellowed appearance. 
  • Flying Debris: Gravel, road salt, and other debris give your headlights a beating. After years of driving, all of these hard particles wear down the topcoat and create pits and scratches. These damages to your headlights add to the cloudy appearance. 
  • Dirt and Chemicals: Over time, a thin layer of dirt and chemicals form on the lenses. This dims the beam coming from your headlights.
ProCare Collision Center Omaha Headlight Restoration
ProCare Collision Center Omaha Headlight Restoration
ProCare Collision Center Omaha Headlight Restoration
ProCare Collision Center Omaha Headlight Restoration After
At ProCare Collision Center, we offer top-of-the-line, expert headlight restoration. When you leave your vehicle with our friendly team of professionals, you will drive it home the next day feeling safer than ever with headlights that illuminate everything in your path. 

Professional restoration of headlights not only restores safe headlights on your vehicle but also improves the outer appearance. It’s an inexpensive way to bring back “newness” to your vehicle, especially for those considering trading or selling their vehicle soon. By spending a nominal price for your headlights, you’re increasing the asking price! 

Starting at just $75, we increase the value of your vehicle, save you money by avoiding replacement and installation costs (which isn’t cheap!), and make your vehicle safer. Our restoration protects for the years to come!


Call us at (402) 339-9889 to schedule your headlight restoration or to talk to one of our pros today!


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