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Auto Detailing Breakdown

A Complete Detail: Broken Down

Using top-of-the-line products, our professional detailers target your entire vehicle with unparalleled precision, leaving you with a ride that looks and feels like you just drove it off the lot.

1. Rinse

We first hose down your vehicle and rinse away any loose dirt and grime with our reverse osmosis water.* By doing this, we’re not only preventing scratches from hand washing dirt, but we’re also allowing our soap to directly attach to the hard grime buildup on your car.

2. Hand Wash

We first pre-wash the car with a snow foam to get the first layer of dirt and grime off. It’s important to remove any loose particles before the physical contact wash stage. Removing as much dirt as possible before contact washing will help rescue the likelihood of inflicting swirl marks to the paint finish. While the foam sits, we begin washing the tires.

3. Clean Tires & Rims

While the foam sits, we spray the wheels and prep them to be treated later on. We then rinse off all of the loose dirt and particles that it picked up.

4. Rinse and Wash (again)

We wash the car and tires clear of all of the products and spray our special Decon X iron dissolver. We let that sit until it turns purple, meaning it’s gotten all of the particles our first layer of foam missed. Working quickly to avoid water spots or streaks, we rinse it clean and hand towel-dry.

5. Polish & Buff

With a clean car in front of us, we polish the car with our buffer and let it sit until it hazes. We wipe it off after 1-2 minutes and prep for the wax and ceramic coat.

6. Wax/Ceramic Coat

With our ceramic detail spray, the vehicle receives a final gloss coating, delivering an exceptional shine and slickness.

7. Wash Windows & Wipe Down Dash

After perfecting the outside of the vehicle, we tackle the interior, starting with the windows and moving on to the dashboard.

8. Vacuum Interior

We use compressed air to blow out under and around the seats, then vacuum to prep the carpet for steaming.

9. Steam & Spot Clean Upholstery & Carpet

We now break out our trusty WORK HORSE All-Purpose cleaner to make the carpets look brand new. By first steaming the carpets, we loosen any deep, matted grime. We then spot clean and get your carpet looking good as new.

10. Clean Vents, Console, and Door Panels, Door Jambs

Following that, we break out our vacuum again and pressure air to get every inch of your vents, console, door panels, and door jambs. If needed, we oil your door jambs.

11. Condition Leather, Plastics, Vinyl

Using our professional-grade dressing, we condition and target every nook, crevice, and cranny of your seats. We spot treat any stains, leaving nothing untouched.

12. Clean Wheels & Tire Shine

Just like perfecting an outfit, the shoes are the finishing touch. We spray tire shine on your wheels, stand back, and admire our work.

13. Final Touch-Ups

After admiring the work, our detail-oriented technicians go around the vehicle and tidy-up any missed bits or trim dressing that has stayed. They rid the surface of any fingerprints perhaps left from going around the vehicle.

*Why reverse osmosis water? With our reverse osmosis water, we can guarantee not to leave any water spots, such as water spots & hard water buildup, you might see on your dishes and sink. Unlike hard water, soft water has fewer chemicals resulting in the soap directly attaching to the dirt particles rather than the hardness in the water. It’s not only better for the soap, but it’s better for the paint.

Having a clean car is safer, better for your car, and when you look good, you feel good.

We urge you to have your car cleaned regularly. We typically recommend every 1-2 months depending on weather and your environment. For example, vehicles tend to need washing less frequently in the summer, we recommend once per month, but diligently in the winter months, we recommend every two weeks. During the winter, salt and brine can have corrosive effects on your paint, causing rust, among other things. By the time you notice a spot of rust, more often than not, that is the tip of the iceberg, and the damage is far more extensive. By having your car detailed quarterly, we can catch and repair those spots earlier before the rust spreads. The reasons to have your car detailed are endless.

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