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The ABC’s of Collision Repair

The threat of a collision is arguably the scariest part of operating a vehicle, and sometimes, repairing the collision damage after the fact can be just as daunting. Many car owners wonder what can be done for their car to repair the damage from an accident, and which specific aspects of repair they will need for their car to be functional and safe moving forward. We’re going to walk you through the ABC’s of collision repair and discuss three of the most common repairs you’ll undergo after a car accident.

auto glass being replaced

Auto Glass Replacement

Modern automobiles are far more resilient than older models. However, that doesn’t mean that things don’t break under certain degrees of impact. When you find yourself in a collision of any caliber, you most likely will find yourself with broken auto glass. This is a very common issue and, depending on the amount of broken glass, is one of the least expensive collision repairs you’ll need. When taking your car in for auto glass replacement, make sure to communicate with your repair technicians about your expectations and what you would like to receive from your new glass installation. For modern cars, glass isn’t just glass anymore. Some car owners also opt for specialty glass or tinted windows. Your collision repair experts can help guide you through this decision when replacing your auto glass.

Bent Frame Straightening

Frame damage is extremely common (almost as common as auto glass damage), occurring in roughly 50% of car accidents in America. When most people hear their frame has been bent or damaged in a collision, they begin counting their losses. In reality, most frames can be repaired, even after misalignment. The reason why many car owners consider their vehicles totaled when finding frame damage is because the damage can be very costly to repair depending on its severity and location. If your frame is broken or bent to an extreme condition, the cost may be too steep for the repairs to be justifiable. If the frame is only mildly bent in an easily accessible location, however, consult your collision repair experts. As long as the damage is minimal, your car won’t be totaled and the repair will most likely be worth your time and money.

car frame with tire

Fixing Chipped Paint with Computerized Color Matching System

At ProCare Collision Center, we understand that the aesthetic of your vehicle can be just as important as its functionality. While we replace your auto glass and straighten your bent frame, we can use our computerized color matching system to repair any paint damage on your vehicle. Color matching systems can be used for various painting repair methods and will get your vehicle looking like new again. It is wise to distrust older methods of paint matching and choose collision repair experts who use updated equipment to properly color match your vehicle. While color matching and painting may fall last on your priority list after experiencing a collision, most drivers opt to repair their scratches immediately either for convenience or for discount packages many collision repair centers offer.

After a collision, it is crucial to make repairs which not only improve your car’s functionality, safety, and efficiency, but also to keep your car looking great on the road. If you’re reading this because you’ve recently been in a collision and aren’t sure what needs fixed or painted on your vehicle, call us today for help getting your automobile back in shape!


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